Measuring What Matters (Offscreen)

Two years ago we were living in Berlin, Germany and there was a magazine shop called Do You Read Me? I was doing a little artist in residency and so, every week or two, I’d pop in to check out the publications on deck. Magazine shops were a novelty to me; I didn’t know there existed places that solely focused on selling them until maybe three years ago, and with this one being so central, I’d take a 40-minute U-bahn + S-Bahn combo just to check it out.

Magazine shops like DYRM are miraculous little places in the universe filled with print matter lining shelf after shelf : paper of different textures and sizes with image and typography laid out carefully, beautifully. I was and still am hooked on these shops. When I visit a new city I always try to find one.

One of the magazines that stood out during my time there was Offscreen. An indie publication, its focus was centered on the people behind tech, design, and other realms of similar innovation and thought. I loved it not only for its perfectly curated content but its approach to people, and how each issue allowed each individual to really lengthen and develop their ideas throughout the spread. They’d be photographed doing their thing, and even if you didn’t work in tech, you would come away with something that could be applied to your own world(s).

The second piece was that it was run independently. As I was just beginning to learn how I might be able to create independently (still learning) it stood out to me as a great thing to aspire to. Here was one person who was making an incredible magazine – and succeeding at it.

Two years later-ish, it’s awesome to say that I’ve contributed photography to Offscreen's latest issue, #21. WHICH IS CRAZY! A small full circle complete and something I’m pretty juiced on — I’m definitely gonna nerd out once it comes in the mail. You can buy one at


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Kim is pretty big on Twitter. You can find her at   @kimgoodwin

Kim is pretty big on Twitter. You can find her at @kimgoodwin


Excerpts from the Offscreen site: