Since graduating from UCLA in 2012, I’ve done habitat restoration throughout Golden Gate National Park, taught science as an environmental educator, shot stills for documentaries, freelanced for nonprofits, brands, and reported on stories across the U.S. (and occasionally abroad). I also write poetry and I’m a big fan of connecting multiple disciplines together.

My work tends to fall under:

activism +
the representation of folks color in media

and personal joys such as:

design (especially how it influences our collective psyches)
and art.

My interest can be pretty broad but I get most excited when they intersect and when they have a deeper impact on how we, as humans, perceive and interact with the world and one another.


I’m a first-generation Salvadoran-American (Pipil) artist. I often focus on how our imaginative spaces are affected by media, our environment, and the literal space around us, and vice versa.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I’m still in the process of adding content and fine tuning this all but it will hopefully be done soon.


updated august 17th, 2019
- michael



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